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Psychology Journals in Latin America have experienced substantial changes in their scientific, editorial and visibility quality; unique initiatives have been developed and recognized in the Open Access world, which have contributed to their improvement, their visibility, and their accessibility (Redalyc, SciELO).  Moreover, specialized portals such as Psicoredalyc, Pepsic and the Psychology BVS (Virtual Health Library) have been created for Psychology.  Today, Psicoredalyc covers 68 open-access, full-text journals which are being read by millions of users (researchers, professionals, students) from all over the world, especially from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

Open-access databases allow readers to find knowledge that only very specialized, well-supported groups were able to access previously. Nowadays, these information systems, even payment ones such as APA’s Psycinfo, are purchased by universities, which enhances accessibility to knowledge created by, for example, the main generator of knowledge in Psychology in the world, the United States of America.  This new scenario is rapidly changing the disciplinary dynamics of the region.  Latin American journals are entering international citation indicators information systems such as WoS-ISI and Scopus with the implications brought about by these databases in terms of visibility.

The growth in quantity, quality, and visibility that journals have reached, create the need for editors to share experiences, knowledge, and discussions about difficulties and possibilities of cooperation.  This is why the XXXIV INTERAMERICAN CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY will feature the 1ST MEETING OF PSYCHOLOGY JOURNALS OF THE AMERICAS.

This first meeting has the goal of creating a place for dialogue, reflection, collaboration and cooperation among journal editors, in topics such as editorial quality (improving schedules and editorial processes), scientific quality (improving peer-review), visibility (maximize academic impacts – citation) and administrative and financial sustainability.

The event has the confirmed participation of information system representatives, networks, national associations and editors.  We are confident that this meeting will motivate other editors and will be a place for those responsible for knowledge management in the Psychology of the Americas to convene.


The event will be one of the multilateral meetings of the Congress, and two plenaries are proposed.  The first one to introduce the meeting and the methodology to be used; then work meetings will be carried out according to the five proposed areas of discussion.  The results will be presented in the second plenary.  The conclusions will be edited in a document which will be the direction and follow-up for further meetings.

Duration: 4 hours


Wilson López López

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Confirmed Participants


  • Héctor Fernández – Revista Argentina de Clínica Psicológica. (ISI, SCOPUS, REDALYC,PSYCINFO)
  • María Cristina RichaudInterdisciplinaria (SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Ezequiel Benito – Revista Psiencia
  • Juan Godoy -Revista Argentina de ciencias del comportamiento


  • María Inmaculada Sampaio –  Coordinadora de la Biblioteca Virtual en Psicología, Pepsic.
  • Fabián Marín – Presidente Asociación Brasilera de editores de revistas científicas de Psicología ABECiPsi
  • Piotr Trzesniak – REDALYC
  • Fivia Lopes- Estudos de Psicologia (SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC)Denise Ruschel Bandeira – Revista Psicologia Reflexao e Critica (ISI, SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Claudia Mayorga – Psicologia e Sociedade (SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC)
  • Ronaldo Pilati-  Psicologia Teoria e Pesquisa (SCOPUS, SCIELO, PSYCINFO)
  • J. Landeira-Fernandez – Psychology & Neuroscience (SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Gustavo Martineli Massola – Psicologia USP ( SCOPUS,SCIELO,REDLAYC )
  • Paulo José da Costa – Psicologia em estudo ( SCOPUS,SCIELO,REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Luiz Renato Rodrigues Carreiro-  Psicologia: Teoria e Prática (SCOPUS,SCIELO,PSYCINFO)
  • Silvia Helena Koller – Temas en Psicología
  • Agnaldo Garcia – Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships


  • Roberto Polanco – President of the Chilean Association of Psychology Journal Editors – Cuadernos de Neuro Psicología.
  • Pablo Vera- Villarroel – Terapia Psicológica (ISI, SCOPUS,SCELO, REDALYC,PSYCINFO)
  • Patricio Cumsille – Psykhe (SCOPUS, SCIELO,REDALYC , PSYCINFO)
  • Verónica López- Psicoperspectivas (SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)


  • Iván Felipe Medina Arboleda – Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología – Coordinator of the Colombian Network of Psychology Journals – ASCOFAPSI. (ISI, SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • María Constanza Aguilar Bustamante – Diversitas: Perspectivas en psicología – Coordinator of the Colombian Network of Psychology Journals – ASCOFAPSI. (SCIELO, REDALYC)
  • Andrés Manuel Pérez Acosta – Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana. (SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Wilson López López – Universitas Psychologica (ISI, SCOPUS, SCIELO, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)

Costa Rica

  • Alfonso Villalobos, Revista Costarricense de Psicología


  • Laura Hernández Guzmán – Revista Mexicana de Psicología (ISI, SCOPUS, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Mario Serrano- Acta Comportamentalia
  • Rafael Bulle – Revista Psicología y Salud/ Enseñanza e investigación en psicología
  • Cinthia Cruz del Castillo-Revista de Psicología Iberoamericana y red de editores de revista de Psicología de México (REDALYC)


  • Sheyla Blumen- Revista de Psicología de la Universidad Católica del Perú (PSYCINFO)
  • Jesus Romero Croce- liberabit ( SCILEO, REDALYC)

United States

  • Judith Gibons – International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation (PSYCINFO)
  • Edil Torres – Revista Interamericana de Psicología (SCOPUS, REDALYC, PSYCINFO)
  • Pending – Editors and APA.