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International Scientific Psychology Network


The International Scientific Psychology Network (ISPN) aims at promoting the advancement of Psychology in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries through international scientific cooperation: (1) among Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Psychology researchers; (2) connecting Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Psychology researchers with scholars from all over the world regardless of language and nationality.


The following actions are proposed to promote international scientific cooperation:

(1) Identification of Researchers and Themes Investigated – ISPN invites all Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Psychology researchers to become a member, submitting some basic information related to her/his scientific activities.

(2) Diffusion of Research Production and Interests – The website will publicize the scientific production and research interests of all ISPN members to promote the visibility of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Scientific Psychology.

(3) Annual Reviews of Scientific Psychology in Spanish/Portuguese ISPN will publish annual reviews covering different areas of Psychology investigation in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries (in English) to promote its visibility.

(4) Submit a Proposal – Authors interested in preparing critical reviews of specific Psychology areas are invited to submit a proposal (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese). The Annual Reviews aims at making research in Psychology produced in Spanish and Portuguese available to an international wider audience, promoting its visibility and citation.


  • Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking Members – All those actively engaged in research in Psychology from any Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking country, including faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, are invited to join ISPN.
  • International Members – Scholars from any country and language interested in psychological investigation conducted in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries are also welcome as members.

Researchers who have already joined ISPN

December 23, 2012
Researchers: 82
Countries: 13
Click the link below to know them and their research and cooperation interests.


To become a member of ISPN, please complete and submit the Form below.

There is no charge to become a member of ISPN.

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