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Juan Carlos Molina, Argentina

Institution/University                 Instituto de Investigacion Medica Mercedes y Martin Ferreyra; Facultad de Psicologia, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
Current Position                             Director INIMEC-CONICET; Principal Researcher CONICET; Full-time Professor Psicobiologia Experimental, Facultad de Psicologia, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
Highest Degree                                Ph.D. Psychology
Email                                         ;

1. General Areas of Interest 

  • Human Experimental Psychology
  • Animal Experimental & Comparative Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Psychological & Physical Disorders

2. Specific Areas of Interest

  • Learning mechanisms in fetuses and infants
  • Alcohol use and abuse
  • Persistence of early memories

3. Cooperation Modality and Focus

  • Full Research Partners
  • Assistant Research Partners
  • Conference Organization Partners
  • Graduate Education Development Partners
  • Participation in a Latin American Research Group
  • Mentoring (a scholar looking for students)
  • As Director of the INIMEC-CONICET, there is a broad interest in development of all the different phases concerning scientific production, communication and education and training of human resources. In addition, the laboratory always seeks doctoral and postdoctoral students interested in the ontogeny of learning and memory and processes inherent to early alcohol exposure and long-lasting effects of these experiences.

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